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GRAVITY Challenge is a national technology innovation program for corporates, entrepreneurs and universities to design and build solutions to real industry, social and environmental problems.
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GRAVITY Challenge is a national technology innovation program for corporates, entrepreneurs and universities to design and build solutions to real industrial, social and environmental problems by leveraging AWS and Deloitte space capabilities, harnessing the recently announced AWS Ground Station service.


Space could be the biggest disrupter Australia has seen in the past 10 years. According to IBISWorld Industry Report, the global space economy is currently worth of US$130bn today and is forecasted to grow to over $US1.1 trillion by 2040. Although Australia contributes approx. 1% to the global space sector, this is expected to grow at 7.1% per annum over the next 5 years.


Airservices Australia – Understanding the impact of weather patterns to better predict the impact in locations with high density air transport operations
Leverage dataset to build aviation weather forecasting models (especially for locations with high density air transport operations) that help better predict the impact of weather on air traffic operations

Greening Australia – Monitoring performance of ecosystem restoration projects tracking rate of annual reforestation / deforestation activities in Australia
Leverage dataset to develop system that monitors ecosystem restoration project performance and tracks the rate of annual de- and reforestation activities per location in Australia

IAG - Change Detection as a Service
Leveraging near time satellite imagery to determine natural disaster events, identify customers affected and mobilise rapid response and assistance.

Northern Territory Health, NT Government – How can satellites improve the health of Territorians in the dry and wet seasons?
Leverage dataset to develop and monitor environmental indicators for smoke and mould across the Northern Territory, accessibility of information for individuals in remote areas with limited internet and/or phone coverage

OZ Minerals – Particle
Leverage dataset to develop computational flow models that simulate the physical flow of materials against different methods of mining and environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, pressure & moisture)

OZ Minerals – Rock to wire
Leverage dataset to develop a new mineral processing and refinement method to produce end products

OZ Minerals – Alternative methods for non-invasive sub-surface mineral composition data
Leverage dataset to develop non-invasive methods to collect and obtain sub-surface mineral composition data

RAA – Value my property
Leverage dataset to develop a Building & Content Calculator that estimates residential property values (split out by estimated full rebuild cost and/or total value of contents replacement)

SA Power Networks - An eye from the sky and powerlines
Leverage dataset to accurately record, analyse and monitor electricity network assets in both static and real-time scenarios, improving network safety, reliability and customer experience

Sydney Water – Water monitoring
Leverage datasets to develop real-time monitoring and surveillance of natural waterways and water assets to capture insights on water use, water quality and water design to provide better information and business decisions

University of Adelaide – Manufacturing tablets in space
Leverage dataset to help us understand the requirements and potential solutions for a reliable and autonomous in-space medicine manufacturing facility

Westpac - We're here to help our farmers
We aim to leverage space data to help better inform our rural customers make better decisions by helping in ways we’d never previously imagined

  1. Privileged access to current and over 20 years of historic satellite data from AWS and other providers
  2. Exclusive access to Airbus satellite constellation imagery of the Earth via Sandbox
  3. Corporate and Public Sector sponsorship of each industry challenge. Real use cases and real customers
  4. Mentorship and support from Deloitte and AWS technology and venture building experts
  5. IP ownership of the solution developed during the program
  6. Access to commercialisation strategy and incubation support for winning teams following the event to help scale offerings in market
  7. Direct contact with Corporate and Public Sector customer supporting challenges